Will Young Addresses National Student Pride

Will Young Addresses National Student Pride

Arguably the most enduring solo artist to have won a British TV talent show, Will Young has not only maintained a consistent chart presence over the years but has also broadened his career into acting on the stage, television and movies. Since winning the first series of Pop Idol in 2002, the singer has enjoyed thirteen UK Top 40 hits including four No 1’s: Evergreen, Light My Fire, The Long And Winding Road and Leave Right Now.

However fame, success and money don’t necessarily bring happiness, as Young has discovered. Last Saturday (6th February) he addressed an audience at 2016’s National Student Pride at London’s University of Westminster and spoke candidly about his struggles:

‘I was a love addict, I still am an addict, addicted to porn, certainly addicted to alcohol. I’d never been on a date without having at least two drinks before I’d left the house and I didn’t even notice that was a problem. Drugs I didn’t really get into. I toyed around with it, but it didn’t really stick with me so much.’

Although Young had been open about his sexuality from the age of twenty-one, he also comments about shame and :

‘I will keep coming back to shame because it’s such a fundamental thing […] I think we are told that as soon as we come out everything will be OK, but it’s just not the case. It is different being a young LGBT person because if you are heterosexual, you are not dealing with a huge backlog of sexual shame and shame of your identity.’

Young is leading a campaign to encourage schools to engage with children about sexuality and hopefully his honesty about his own life will inspire other young people who are suffering addiction, anxiety or sexuality related problems to seek help and advice.


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