The Beatles – Available For Streaming (BIG DEAL)!

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The Beatles - Available For Streaming (BIG DEAL)!

Actually not a big deal at all. The fact that The Beatles Corp have finally allowed the world to hear their music on streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play and Rhapsody is for me the biggest ‘so bloody what’ of the decade.

The Beatles are the greatest most iconic popular music entity that ever was and they have made zillions and sold zillions all over the world. They are an institution like the BBC, the National Gallery and yet we have waited for years and years to finally get the privilege of their music on streaming. No more of those terrible karaoke versions or ‘sung in the style of” covers that would never even have made it to the old Woolworth’s Embassy covers label (just in case our younger users don’t know, Embassy was S***, or at least the cover versions were)!

I like to think myself as the world’s biggest Beatles fan, but I am pretty peed off that it has taken this long to have an agreement in place when 95% of the rest of the world’s music is available and that includes the Rolling StonesElton John and Bruce Spirngsteen.

So don’t forget to include on your Beatles playlist; ‘Money’, ‘Taxman’ and ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’ for starters.

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