Surprise No. 1 – Forbes Highest Paid Musicians


The American business magazine Forbes has just published its list of the World’s highest paid musicians for 2015, and the chart-topper is something of an eye-opener.

While it’s less of a surprise these days that a woman is the biggest earner, anyone expecting the top name to be Adele, Taylor Swift or Beyoncé will be disappointed.

Number 1 this year, up from twenty-third in 2014, is Katy Perry with earnings of $135 million! The figure not only includes record sales but also income from touring and Perry has just finished her massively successful seventeen month Prismatic World Tour where she performed to more than one and a half million people.

Although there are some unsurprising names in the rest of the Forbes Top 20, there are some less likely ones too, with established superstars, R&B, and country music artists in particular all making a good showing. The full list is as follows:

1 Katy Perry $135 m
2 One Direction $130 m
3 Garth Brooks $90 m
4 Taylor Swift $80 m
5 The Eagles $73.5 m
6 Calvin Harris $66m
7 Justin Timberlake $63.5m
8 Diddy $60m
9 Fleetwood Mac $59.5m
10 Lady Gaga $59m
11 The Rolling Stones $57.5m
12 Ed Sheeran $57m
13 Jay Z $56m
14 Beyoncé $54.5m
15 Elton John $53.5m
16 Toby Keith $53m
17 Paul McCartney $51.5m
18 Michael Bublé $45.5m
19 Jason Aldean $43.5m
20 Luke Bryan $42.5m


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