Simon Cowell’s DJ Show Get’s Knocked Back!

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Simon Cowell DJ Show

As founder of Syco Records whose catalogue includes One Direction, Little Mix and Olly Murs, Simon Cowell may not be too familiar with failure but with X-Factor hardly the force it was just a few years ago, the news that Yahoo have pulled out of a collaboration with him is looking like a run of bad luck. The proposed Ultimate DJ talent show has had something of a troubled history and it was only with the internet giant’s participation that it looked likely to make it to air. Cowell conceived the show as an X-Factor for DJ’s although established personalities such as Fatboy Slim were less than complimentary about the idea.

‘Simon Cowell was talking about doing a show and everyone in the business, he kind of started approaching us, and we were like, “Fuck off, no – that’s a terrible idea!” That’s the good thing about dance music; it grows organically through drunk people late at night coming up with stupid ideas. It’s not something that can be scripted or transported into a TV studio.’

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