Sam Smith Hits Out At Racism

Sam Smith Hits Out At Racism

You would imagine that when anybody, let alone one of the UK’s most successful singers, Sam Smith, takes to social media to express their shock and dismay at witnessing one of their friends being racially abused, the public response would almost certainly be one of sympathy and understanding. Apparently not!

After being present when such an incident took place, Sam Smith posted several tweets on Wednesday morning (20th January):

‘Just experienced my friend getting verbally abused racially in London. I am absolutely SPEECHLESS.’

‘I never ever ever ever thought that would happen here. Absolutely speechless and hurt.’

The response to his posts has proved surprising with some users labelling him as naive and suggesting his shock at racism is a sign of a privileged lifestyle.

The twenty-three year Sam Smith who last year enjoyed his fourth UK chart-topper with Writing’s On The Wall, the theme to the James Bond film Spectre, has defended his comments with a statement on Instagram:

‘For the record, I was merely sharing an experience I had in the hope it would draw attention to how ridiculous it is to be racist in 2016. This is not about me in any way, it’s about a deep rooted issue we have in our society that should now be extinct. I don’t profess to know or remotely understand what it means to be on the receiving end of racist abuse, but having been bullied my whole life for being gay, what I do know is that it is wrong and completely unacceptable. Here’s to people being allowed to be people.’

An anti-racism charity, Show Racism the Red Card, praised Sam Smith for raising awareness of the issue. It is an incident that happens all too often and hopefully Sam Smith’s tweets will go some way in educating people to prevent it.


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