Noel Gallagher on Music vs. Terrorism

Noel Gallagher

After more than twenty years at the top of the music business, Noel Gallagher is no longer the new kid on the block and is now regarded by many as one of rock’s icons. In a new interview the singer. guitarist and songwriter reflects on the state of music today (which he regards as ‘a sea of cheese’) and the reasons he continues to write and record:

‘Look at bands like U2 and The Rolling Stones. They’ve been around forever. People always ask, “Why do they do it? They don’t need the f****** money!” They do it because they love doing it, A song that wasn’t written yesterday will be written today – and one day it’ll be sung by some f***** somewhere and thousands of people in a stadium will sing along. That, in itself, is a really special thing.’

On a more serious note Gallagher believes in a World where a rock gig is targeted by terrorists, making music is even more vital:

‘In light of the things that have gone on in Paris recently, it makes it even more special. These f****** animals are trying to take that shit away from us. They hate musicians. They hate women. They hate music. That’s all I love. It’s even more important to put more music out there in the world – to protest that, to counter that. That’s the way I see it.’


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