No Drugs For Me, No Anarchy For Doherty!

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Throughout rock’s history bands have famously become known for their outlandish on-tour demands but as the reformed Libertines hit the road their crew will unusually include a drugs counsellor.

Ten years ago Pete Doherty was as famous for his drug-related brushes with the law as he was for the fantastic music he made with the Libertines and Babyshambles. Even a couple of short prison sentences, being kicked out of the Libertines and a public mocking by Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse in their TV show, couldn’t stop his self-destructive lifestyle.

Their Glastonbury surprise show was a total success, and whether Doherty has finally put his past behind him remains to be seen, but as the Libertines head out on tour, counsellor Dylan Kerr will be part of their team. After completing treatment at Thailand’s Hope Rehab Centre in January, Doherty rejoined the band in the studio to work on Anthems For Doomed Youth, their first album since 2004. Prior to its release on September 4th the Libertines will be promoting it with a series of gigs in the UK, Europe and Mexico.

Fans and friends will be hoping that Kerr’s presence will help Carl Barât and the rest of the band to keep Doherty on the straight and narrow and that future news headlines will only be about the undoubted quality of his music.

Fingers crossed Pete, good on yer!


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