Metronomy tease new album and it’s going to be “groovy”

Metronomy have revealed they are working on a new album with a “groovy” sound inspired by Beck and Bryan Ferry.

The group’s founder Joseph Mount revealed to Digital Spy that the group’s fifth studio album would be coming out next year. Mount said: “I’ve started recording the new record. It’s all about trying to keep the momentum going so it’s been busy but very enjoyable as well,”

“The plan is to make a confident dance record. Not instrumental dance music but a record that people can put on at parties and have fun. I mean, you can put on any Metronomy record at a party but some will have strange moments at the party.”

He went on to hint at the sound fans could expect from the new album, saying: “I want the songs to be really strong but with the new record it’s going to be as much about this feel and being groovy. Being groovy on this record is the name of the game.”

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