Madonna’s Family Problems


After bursting into the charts in 1984 with Holiday, Madonna quickly established herself not only as the biggest female pop star on the planet but also somebody who was prepared to tear up the rule book. She courted controversy and made it clear that she was going to do things her way and her way only.

Thirty years later while she remains as confrontational as ever ‘Madge’ is having a well publicised spat with someone who seems equally as rebellious and equally as determined as her. According to recent press reports her fifteen year old son Rocco has grown tired of his mother’s lifestyle and is fed up having to live a life on the road while she tours. Just before Christmas he left the tour and headed to London to be with his father Guy Ritchie and his step-mother Jacqui Ainsley.

Despite her posting a picture of her and her son with the caption ‘Merry X-mas to the Sun-shine of my Life!, the dispute has now seen Madonna obtaining a ruling from a Civil Supreme Court judge in Manhattan that Rocco must return to New York before his school term begins. With his son adamant that he wants to remain with him in the UK, Guy Ritchie has allegedly hired legal representation to try and win custody.

Sources have also speculated that Rocco dislikes the constant press attention that follows Madonna’s every move whereas life with his father tends to be low key and he is able to live a much more normal life.

It was reported yesterday that Rocco has now chosen to ‘block’ his mother (but not Ritchie or Ainsley) from viewing his Instagram account.

It’s funny how many of Madonna’s songs now seem more than relevant (Papa Don’t Preach, Causing A Commotion, Express Yourself, Miles Away, Bitch I’m Madonna etc.)


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