Lil Wayne Hands Out Gifts To Haitian Children!

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Lil Wayne Hands Out Gifts To Haitian Children

Lil Wayne is no stranger to collaborations; he has appeared in the UK Top 40 no fewer than twenty times alongside other artists, including: Eminem, Jennifer Lopez, Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown, Destiny’s Child, Wyclef Jean and Jay Z. His most recent partner, however, is not a musician but the two-time World welterweight boxing champion, Andre Berto.

The thirty-three year old rapper and the American-born Haitian, Berto, were in Haiti last weekend (18-20 December) as part of a charity visit organised by internet music and entertainment blogger Karen Civil. The pair were visiting the country in order to give out presents to less privileged children. As Lil Wayne commented:

‘A lot of people tend to forget about those who are less fortunate during the holiday season; not many understand how receiving just one item could bring so much joy to a child’s life, especially if they don’t have the same everyday luxuries that the more fortunate tend to overlook. I’m just grateful to be able to give back to Haiti in any way possible.’

While Lil Wayne has had his run-ins with authority, he is also known for his philanthropy. He previously set up the Miami based One Family Foundation in 2007 with a mission to ‘empower urban youth by engaging them in opportunities to cultivate their talents and skills, educating them to become productive and economically self-sufficient, and motivating them to dream beyond their circumstances.’

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