Kings of Leon grateful for “s**t free show” at the scene of infamous pigeon poo episode

Kings of Leon have given thanks to St Louis wildlife after revisiting the scene of the crime that saw a pigeon crapping in the mouth of bassist Jared Followill. The incident forced them into an early end for the show and the band are grateful this time for the opportunity to finish their set without a peculiar taste in their mouths.

There have been many instances of human audiences pelting performers with various objects to display their disapproval. A hail of rocks once saw Nickelback taking an early leave and 50 Cent was famously bottled off the Reading stage in 2004. Kings of Leon must have won over some pigeon fans since their last visit to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St Louis.

Jared was teased by friends with images of pigeons before the show, with one reading: “They’re coming for you.”  Luckily for the bassist, Thursday’s show was free of any pigeon-related incidents.

Once off-stage, drummer Nathan Followill tweeted:

A relief for all involved.


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