Kings Of Leon Making Plans For New Album

Kings of Leon

Nashville based rock band Kings Of Leon are set to return this year with a new album. Their last record, Mechanical Bull was released in September of 2013 and became their fourth consecutive album to top the UK charts.

In a recent interview with the American news agency Associated Press, brothers Nathan and Caleb Followill talked about their plans for 2016 with drummer Nathan revealing:

‘We’ve already started pre-production in our studio for the next record, but the main thing on the calendar for 2016 is getting the record finished. And then the whole press machine kicks up and doing press for the record.’

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Caleb went on to add: ‘We enjoy this part of the process. Obviously there’s a lot of work that goes into it and it can get stressful at times, but we’re all in a good place and we’re having fun with it and we’re all excited to do something new.’

Caleb also suggested that they may return to the city where they cut their first records:

‘We might just try to get a little change of scenery. Our first two albums we recorded in L.A., so we’re going to try to go back and see if it inspires us, If it doesn’t, we always have a studio at home, so we can always come back.’

The Kings Of Leon, which also features third brother Jared on bass and their cousin Matthew Followill on lead guitar, made their debut in 2003 with Youth And Young Manhood. The band have enjoyed massive success, particularly in the UK where every one of their six albums has gone platinum while their fourth, 2008’s Only By The Night selling almost three million copies.


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