Kid Cudi Goes Grunge?

Kid Cudi

As his recent public war of words with Lupe Fiasco made abundantly clear, American musician Kid Cudi doesn’t seem to care much about making friends and influencing people. His latest album, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven which has just dropped as a digital download, has left many fans scratching their heads. While Cudi may have begun his career back in 2009 as a hip hop artist, each successive release has seen him broaden his sonic palette and the new record is about as far from his original style as say Nirvana are. In fact the album sounds like he’s been listening to an awful lot of the Seattle grunge pioneers. Thousands of fans have taken to social media to question the record with a few proclaiming that the rapper/singer has lost his mind.

To be fair, Kid Cudi has made it clear for some time that this release was going to be an alternative album and following iTunes labelling it as hip hop he took to twitter to explain:

‘SBTH is ALTERNATIVE, not HIP HOP/RAP like someone FORCEFULLY labeled it. You can make the change in your settings manually. Fixin this too’

‘Even though I made sure to let the world know early on the direction I was headed in, It can still be misleading seeing it labeled wrong.’

Perhaps Kid Cudi should be applauded for refusing to be formulaic and for trying to push the music in a less commercial direction. Although he will undoubtedly lose some fans he’s almost certain to gain new followers who have a liking for lo-fi grunge/alternative rock.

The CD version will be in stores on the 18th December.


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