Ice Cube Delivers The Word On The Oscars Row!

Ice Cube Delivers The Word On The Oscars Row!

Inevitably the argument over the lack of diversity among the nominations for this years Academy Awards continues to grow with other celebrities joining the debate.

While Spike Lee, Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, musician Snoop Dogg and several others have already publicly stated that they will be boycotting the ceremony on February 16th, one surprising name has delivered a remarkably measured verdict on the row.

Rapper and actor Ice Cube, whose band N.W.A. was the subject of the film Straight Outta Compton which received a nomination for ‘Writing (Original Screenplay)’ in this year’s Oscars, was a guest on Graham Norton’s TV chat show on Friday night (22nd January). Asked if he would be attending the ceremony or joining the boycott, Ice Cube stated:

‘You can’t boycott something you never went to anyway. I look at it like a horse race, once your horse loses the race you tear up your ticket and back out. It isn’t something to put your energy into. We don’t do movies for the industry, we do movies for the fans. If the industry gives you a trophy or a pat on the back it’s nice but it’s not something you should dwell on. It might sting at first when you don’t win but let it go and move on, keep making great films and keep making the people happy.’

Clearly pleased with the reaction the film received from the critics as well as fans he went on to add:

‘It was great. We got accolades from all levels, from our core fans, from curious fans, and from people that didn’t even think they wanted to see that movie. We got so much praise for the movie so how could we be mad that one academy or guild or anybody says it isn’t the number one? It’s like crying about not enough icing on your cake. It’s ridiculous.’



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