George Osborne’s Shady N.W.A. Gangsta Past Revealed!

Sup up your beer and collect your fags. There’s a row going on down near… Manchester.

Not content with brutally slashing tax credits and pushing through swingeing welfare cuts across Britain, the chancellor George Osbourne has totally upset the applecart at this week’s Tory conference by revealing his musical preferences.

Alongside a list that includes St Vincent, The Blues Brothers, Bob Dylan and the god of small things Sufjan Stevens, comes the shocking revelation that Osbourne is a fan of ‘the world’s most dangerous group’ , N.W.A.

Speaking to Guardian Editor-In-Chief Katharine Viner at the conference Osbourne recalled the life-changing N.W.A. show he attended in 1989: “It was an amazing concert. These were the angriest young band from America. And it is definitely the coolest thing I ever did. It is not like a pattern of going to all the latest concerts – I just happened to hit lucky and go to this band that were only together for a couple of years.

“It was raw and angry,” he continued of the rappers behind anti-establishment anthem Fuck Tha Police. “I’m not condoning everything they said or anything like that, but it was an incredible thing to go to… I didn’t realise that this band would go on to being one of the most famous rap bands ever and that Dr Dre would become the guy who does the Beats headphones now… I actually had [Dre] round for tea in Downing Street a couple of years ago.”

And what was his favourite N.W.A. track? Again he pulled no punches: “It begins with ‘F’, but I think I’d better stop there…”

Seasoned watchers will know that the Tories have form in this area. Prime Minister David Cameron has proved bullish over the years of his publicly declared love of The Smiths; even though both Morrissey and Johnny Marr tried to publicly ban him from liking them.

Paul Weller was equally scathing about the porcine Old Etonian’s purported love of The Jam’s Eton Rifles, telling MOJO magazine earlier this year: “I just think, ‘Which bit didn’t you get?’”.


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