Fresher’s Frenzy – Must Have …

This week students all over the country will be packing up their bedding, boxers and beans, ready to head off into the wild blue yonder! Actually if you are heading North probably the wild grey yonder is more appropriate. And while Mum fusses anxiously around packets of pasta, sheets and underwear, top of the must-have list for most students will be as much cheap alcohol as it’s possible to squeeze in.

Fresher’s week is all about breaking the ice with a bunch of people you’ve never met and that’s why Student Unions all over the country are gearing up for their foam-filled, paint-splattered, adrenaline-fuelled party extravaganzas, to help you on your way.

Top of the list is a wireless speaker. The best kitchens in halls are communal hot spots, places to hang out and make new friends. The worst ones are cold, silent, empty places you’d never go into at all if it weren’t for the pizza you left in the fridge. An essential element of the difference between them is music. Connect a wireless speaker to your phone (using Airplay/Bluetooth) and you’ll be a party ready to go.

Second on our list is a game to break the ice. You might have copious amounts of alcohol at the ready but you’re going to look like a bit of a saddo if you start downing it alone in an effort to start a party. Shot roulette is good but a bit bulky, better still a set of ‘Ring Of Fire’ cards. Or any other playing cards of some description, ‘Cards Against Humanity’ would fit the bill.

Other items that scored high on our list were a decent coffee machine  for mornings that nobody wants to wake up to. Icebreakers come in different forms, waffle makers and popcorn machines are fun items to have.



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