Emily Eavis confirms Glastonbury definitely won’t be expanding to two weekends

Emily Eavis has halted speculation that Glastonbury festival will be going the way of Coachella and taking place across two weekends in future.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Eavis explained that she didn’t think the two weekend format would work for Glastonbury, saying: “I don’t really fancy doing that for Glastonbury,” Eavis said. “For me, one of the great things about it is that it exists for one weekend and then it’s gone.”

She continued: “The Brigadoon idea – the city that’s vanished overnight. I think there’s something quite magical about that, so for now we’re quite happy with just one weekend.”

Glastonbury Festival takes place this weekend with headliners Kanye West, The Who and the recent addition of Florence + The Machine, replacing Foo Fighters who were forced to cancel after Dave Grohl broke his leg.

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