Daniel Craig: Niall Horan as Next James Bond?

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Daniel Craig: Niall Horan as Next James Bond?

In this week’s Music News show, we get the latest on Daniel Craig’s plans, and how these might affect the future of One Direction.  The blonde Bond intends Spectre to be his last outing as 007, but thinks that fellow golden-haired heartthrob, Niall Horan, would make the perfect replacement. Goubran investigates just why this is an insane idea.

Adele is back with a bang as her new single, Hello, smashes records on music video site, Vevo. The London legend put Pennsylvania princess, Taylor Swift, firmly in her place by beating her number of first-day views by over seven million. Let’s hope this don’t cause no Bad Blood between the two trailblazers.

And Justin Bieber has his heart set on aping his namesake, Justin Timberlake. Pop music’s Best Male, according to the European Music Awards panel, has promised more mature music is to come, as he is starting to find his sound as an artist, just as the Timb did after leaving NSYNC. Three guesses how Goubran takes to this decisive declaration from the former tearaway…

More glorious gossip from those pesky popstars next week, so remember to check back in with us again then.


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