Christmas Movie On The Sofa – The Real Winners

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Christmas Movie On The Sofa - The Real Winners

Much like the Christmas Album and the Christmas Single, our television chums have a regular roll out the barrel mentality when it comes to the beloved Christmas Movie.

Over the past 70 odd years since the first Christmas movies started appearing in Cinemas, television has now geared itself up to the Christmas Day Sofa movie event. Beautifully timed to coincide with the after dinner bloated feeling, when the family will gravitate to the telly room and spam out on the sofa. A few oldsters will have nodded off before the opening credits are finished, but there will be a few of the younger ones who maybe have not yet seen The Snowman or It’s A Wonderful Life. They are shown every year along with Home Alone and The Santa Clause, and long may it continue because they really do bring families together in that wonderfully nostalgic (ahhhhhhhh) moment. They don’t even always have to be Christmas-centric, sometimes just a feel-good one like Batman Returns or Trading Places will do the trick.

The real Christmas movie winners though are the totally snow-on-the-ground ding dong merrily on high Christmas epic. So now we have digital streaming at the press of a button, why not relive the brilliant Bill Murray in Scrooged or Dudley Moore in Santa Claus. Maybe even the creepy Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa or Tim Burtons’s masterpiece The Nightmare Before Christmas. And as a long shot: Santa’s Slay, a slasher comedy to make you choke on your tin of Heroes.

And the one’s that you know about and we don’t? Please let us in on what they are on Twitter!

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