Beyonce and Jay Z definitely aren’t trying to buy rights to Confederate flag

Reports that Beyonce and Jay Z were attempting to buy the rights to the Confederate flag have beenshown to be false.

Rumours had spread that the couple were trying to take ownership of the controversial flag, in order to block it’s future use.

However, Gawker pointed out that the flag is not open to this kind of sale or ownership, they explained: “Jay Z and Beyoncé couldn’t legally make it their flag even if they wanted to. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office prohibits trademarking a flag or simulation of a flag, and allows the use of flags that have been stylized, obscured, or otherwise significantly changed. Even if someone could trademark the flag itself, it wouldn’t prevent variations from being used on ugly t-shirts.”

Protesters in the US have long been trying to block the use of the flag due to its connotations to slavery. Kanye West recently tried to invert the symbol by using it on a series of t shirts during his Yeezus tour, an unsurprisingly divisive move.

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