Another ‘Annus Horribilis’ For Chris Brown!

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2015 - Another 'Annus Horribilis' For Chris Brown

With the news that Tuesday (22 December) saw Chris Brown’s home invaded for the second time this year, 2015 has not exactly been the best year for the rapper and actor. While the undoubted highlight was the birth of his daughter Royalty, his 2009 conviction for domestic violence against former girlfriend Rihanna continued to haunt him and found him denied entry into both Canada and Australia.

His latest album, named Royalty after his daughter, was released last week (18 December) and has so far failed to set the charts alight let alone replicate the runaway success of the multi-million selling early records such as his 2005 self-titled debut and 2007’s Exclusive.

Yesterday Brown took to Twitter to issue a rapid set of tweets appealing to his fans:

‘Not afraid of losing. But I’m terrified of stopping! #believeinyourself’

‘TEAM BREEZY! I’m counting on you all to change the world. I appreciate the real fans’

‘If I fail on my own I can can learn from that. I will not allow someone else to dictate my faith in God. Believe in yourself’

‘Every one who follows me and has fake pages being fake supporters is a lil bogus. BUYMYS**T’

‘I work 3 times harder than anyone of my peers.’

‘Name 1 person who directs and writes his whole video ideas, dance, sing, paint, Etc.???’

‘I just demand my respect as an entertainer #BringRoyaltyHomeForTheHolidays #believeinyourself #BUYROYALTY’

So that’s perfectly clear then…

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