Spotify will soon allow you to watch videos and listen to podcasts

Watch videos and listen to podcasts on Spotify

Spotify is extending its service to include videos, podcasts and a wider range of automated playlists which will be built around everyday activities such as running.

Speaking at a conference in New York, Spotify founder Daniel Ek explained his reasoning behind the changes: “The whole notion of genres is changing […] People don’t look at things like Hip Hop or Country any more, they are looking at things based on events and activities.

“We need to be able to deliver the right music based on who we are, how we’re feeling and what we’re doing, day-by-day.

“The new Spotify will give you the power to integrate music into your life in a way that feels kind of revolutionary but also kind of natural at the same time.”

A new running playlist which matches tracks to the runner’s pace has also been revealed.

Spotify haven’t yet announced whether the new features will be available to all account holders, or Premium accounts only.

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