This is how easy it is to write an insanely catchy pop song

Brett Domino looks like an accountant, but don’t underestimate him.

If his latest YouTube upload is anything to go by, he is a musical genius that has cracked the algorithms of pop chart success.

His covers of chart-topping artists like Justin Bieber and LMFAO have gotten a hundred thousand views, and now he’s condensed everything he’s learnt from those stars into an amazing instructional how-to video.

It’s a kind of hip-hop spin on what Axis of Awesome’s ‘4 Chords’ did for harmonies. Aspiring pop stars: all you need to take over the musical world, according to Domino, is an instrumental hook, a ‘kinda funky beat’, a vocal hook (you can follow his lead and google ‘sexy phrases’), and some lyrics which ‘don’t really matter’. Useful tips given along the way include “use the internet for help” and “keep it sexy”.

The song includes some creative rhyming (“I like it when you eat gateau/ I like it when you wear that shade of bordeaux”). Poetry. It’s addressed to Jennifer Lawrence who is, according to Brett’s internet research, an example of a ‘sexy woman’. Add a catchy bassoon hook and a rap bridge, and he has produced something that rivals most of what’s on Radio One. In about five minutes flat. You might say it’s a comment on the current state of the music industry.

Brett Domino is the alter-ego of Leeds musician and comedian Rob J Madin. Other songs in his back catalogue of Flight Of The Conchords-esque parodies include ‘Parents on Facebook’ and ‘Penelope (Please Stop Recommending So Many TV Dramas)’, but this is his first real original hit. Snubbed by Simon Cowell during their Britain’s Got Talent appearance in 2009, he seems to be having the last laugh as ‘How to Make a Hit Pop Song’ already has 600,000 views in just a couple of days. Seems like he’s finally cracked it.


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