The xx’s third album will be a ‘completely different concept’, says producer

Currently recording in Texas, the band will also travel to Iceland during the making of the new record

The xx’s third album is being recorded between Texas and Iceland, and will be a “completely different concept”, according to XL Records in-house producer Rodaidh McDonald, who mixed the band’s two previous albums, 2012’s ‘Coexist’  and 2009’s Mercury award-winning ‘xx’.

In an interview with Dazed, McDonald, who has also worked with Bobby Womack, Adele, Vampire Weekend, The Horrors and Gil Scott-Heron, went on to say that the new direction reflected the band’s travels around the world and experiences on tour.

“There are songs which have come out of our experiences in New York and Texas that would never have come out in London; the colours and the ideas and the moods on some of these songs are just not things you would write in London. It’s about opening things up a bit more. They are a London band, but they’re also a band that’s spent a lot of time in different countries. So we’re trying to push that further with the Iceland trip, which is happening in July.”

The band met in Wandsworth, south London, while attending Elliot School which also spawned Hot Chip, Four Tet and Burial. McDonald said he was right in the middle of working on the new album and that the approach to the sound of the album is “a completely different concept, just trying everything, trying to find new ways of working, new sounds.”

McDonald’s comments seem in line with an interview the band gave to NME last year, with Jamie xx saying: “We’ve all lived a lot of life recently, which the new songs will reflect.” Perhaps hinting a potential move away from their sparse sound, singer Romy Madely-Croft also said: “We played a lot of big stages on tour in the past year, and that’s something I’m sure will come through in the next album.”

That the band have been working in Texas has been no secret, with Jamie xx announcing that they were rehearsing new material during a BBC 6 Music residency and images and videos of the band recording at Marfa Recording Company studio being posted on Instagram. If you’ve ever wondered how they get that eerie handclap sound, prepare to be floored by this moving video of the recording process in action.

Image: andersphoto


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