Profiles: DJ FRESH
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As part of our new ‘Profiles’ series, we reached out to DJ Fresh and asked him to provide a playlist that helps to contextualise who he is as an artist, producer and music-lover. Here’s what he had to say…

“I grew up on bands like Jean michelle jarre, The Prodigy and Happy Mondays, early pioneers of live dance and electronic performance. So I’ve always been looking for ways to enhance my live performance as an electronic artist. It’s a challenge to translate electronic music made often by one guy in the studio into a show that stands up on a stage when you’re playing alongside more traditional bands. Fresh Live was my solution to this, although eventually I decided to ditch this in order to produce a more visual dj set. It’s a challenge for every electronic artist.
But it’s the price of being on the cutting edge… being Fresh”

Listen to DJ Fresh‘s full playlist:


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