Keith Richards smokes weed for breakfast

Keith Richards has revealed that he still smokes regularly, and enjoys “an early morning joint”.

The Rolling Stones guitarist spoke about his smoking habits with Mojo, adding that he’s unsure whether marijuana should be legalised nationwide in the USA.

“I smoke regularly, an early morning joint. Strictly Californian,” he said.

“One of the most pleasant things to watch is a map of America, where it goes green … green … green. Whether it’s a good thing in the long run, I don’t know.”

Richards releases his first solo album in 23 years, Crosseyed Heart, in September.

“I had a ball making this new record and working with [drummer] Steve Jordan and [guitarist] Waddy Wachtel again,” Richards said in a recent statement. “There’s nothing like walking into a studio and having absolutely no idea what you’re going to come out with on the other end.”

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