Apply now: 1 Year Paid Internship at SUBTV

New: Paid Internship (1 Year)

Deadline: 31/5/18.

Job Purpose:

Reporting into Account Manager Sales, this role will be primarily supporting the sales team but also other departments within Subtv. It will provide an in depth understanding of each functional area (outlined below). The placement will offer an overall insight into the way in which a music TV broadcaster and entertainment service works on a day-to-day basis.

Functions this internship will gain experience in:

  • Agency Sales
  • Music Programming
  • Digital
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Promotions
  • eCRM
  • CRM
  • Insight

The Intern will be responsible for administration and coordination within the function they are placed. They will establish themselves as a point of contact for any queries and forge strong relationships across the business and with external contacts.

Core Responsibilities / Key Objectives: 

  • Ofcom clearing and ingesting commercials to ensure that they are ready to air
  • Liaising with Operations & IT developments to ensure playout runs smoothly
  • Scheduling of spots and attaching copy to commercials
  • Management of campaigns and ensuring correct monthly billings
  • Capturing quality photos from campaigns on the screens in the unions for reporting
  • To provide administrative support to the department, ensuring smooth running of the office – including answering general enquiries and managing correspondence.
  • Actively participating in all department and Company meetings.
  • Arranging meetings and installations (both internal and external), logistics for the meeting and preparing necessary documentation to facilitate. Taking minutes and isolating action points in department meetings.
  • Keep abreast of market developments, new technologies, market conditions in order to suggest concepts and ideas.

Taking a proactive role could include:

Researching – keeping current with what’s going on in the world of popular music through own passion and excellent research. Constantly keeping connected to trends in online and social networking, entertainment media, newspapers and magazines, observing competitors and being absorbed in popular music, TV and radio.

Brainstorming – to proactively work with your peers and colleagues to generate new and progressive sparks for music campaign concepts.

Expanding Ideas – creating dialogue to engage others in the ideas generation process and to supportively listen and build on the ideas of others in the team to help enhance their concepts and vice versa, so that the key ideas can be taken forward and tested as concepts.


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