Games Blast Series 2 Ep. 14

Games Blast; the only show dedicated to bringing you the best of all the week’s most salient stories.

This week Goubran delivers all the hottest stories on the tips of every gamers tongue. First up, a rather comic story about a man who ended up shooting his PC 8 times with a handgun due to frustration derived from the notorious ‘Blue Screen Of Death’. When asked to comment on his behaviour, he replied ‘it was glorious’. Some of us know the feeling… Next up is the latest news from pro skater Tony Hawks, who has announced via social media that Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 will be launched some time this year! Stay posted for more on that! Finally, after recent teething problems with the latest Halo game, the developers have created an update package which will be available from May.

Presented by Goubran Bahou.


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