Enrique Iglesias Fans Anger Sri Lankan President!

Enrique Iglesias Fans Anger Sri Lankan President!

Girls throwing their bras at Spanish pop star Enrique Iglesias may seem slightly tame and hardly worthy of note compared with the behaviour of Western female music fans over the past fifty years – particularly those of Sir Tom Jones, Prince, Jon Bon Jovi, Drake and the late Teddy Pendergrass.

However, when this happened at a show in Sri Lanka during the singer’s current Love and Sex Tour, it was the country’s sixty-four year old President, Maithripala Sirisena, who was especially incensed; he labelled the action of the women who rushed the stage to try and kiss Iglesias and threw their underwear onto the stage, as ‘uncivilised behaviour that goes against our culture’. He also made it very clear where he felt the blame lay:

‘I don’t advocate that these uncivilised women who removed their brassieres should be beaten with toxic stingray tails, but those who organised such an event should be.’

Apparently that particular punishment was a penalty given to hardened criminal in the country’s medieval past. More seriously and throwing the future of gigs in Sri Lanka into doubt, the President went on to comment:

‘These indecent concerts should never receive authorisation again in Sri Lanka’.

Enrique Iglesias, the object of the bra throwing fans affections, didn’t seem to be aware of the problem when he posted on Instagram: #SriLanka you were unbelievable tonight. You’ve given me a million reason to come back. I loved #Colombo.


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