Dave Grohl air-drumming to Led Zeppelin three times a day to help recovery

Dave Grohl has revealed that his own personal rehab therapy is air-drumming to Led Zeppelin three times a day.

The Foo Fighters frontman broke his leg last month while performing in Sweden, forcing the band to pull out of several European shows including their headline set at Glastonbury.

While Grohl admits that the recovery is a “slow process”, he told Q Magazine that he’s “doing fine”, sharing his own method to help the healing process.

“It’s funny, ever since I started playing the drums my right calf muscle has been twice the size of my left from stomping the hell out of my kick drum pedal,” he said.

“Now it looks like a sad little chicken wing so I’ve been doing a little bit of my own rehab therapy lately, which is air drumming along to Led Zeppelin three times a day”.

“Sports doctors, take note.”

The Foos frontman also revealed that he cried when he watched Florence and the Machine’s cover of ‘Times Like These’ at Glastonbury.

“The day after the gig, someone sent me a link to the performance and I cried like a fucking baby. It melted my fucking heart. I am forever indebted to them. It meant so much, you have no idea.”

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