What can SUBTV do for you?

SUBTV is an interactive student music channel & app, playing out on 500+ HD Screens with Full Audio to 1.2 Million students across 80+ University bars, cafe's and social areas across the UK.

TV Adverts

We run AV spots every 15 minutes, 12 hours a day

1.2 Million

We reach 1.2 million 18-24's across a 4 week period.

Pure 18-24

No wastage with our strictly 18-24 audience.

Live Sports

We offer Sports Packages at a fraction of the cost.

Our Creative Solutions

This video demonstrates how SUBTV's creative offering delivered an effective campaign for Universal Theatrical's “Truth Or Dare”.
Download the information deck (PDF)

Contact The Team

If you have any questions about advertising with SUBTV, please contact one of our team.
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